Sonen Strategies

Our strategies reflect the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives. Sonen strategies are designed to provide a core allocation to each respective asset class or may be utilized as a complementary exposure to traditional investment portfolios.

Sonen provides access to a portfolio of global all cap equities, optimized for financial return and impact. The strategy seeks attractive opportunities across financial and impact sectors and geographies.

Global equities can offer access to compelling investment and impact opportunities in a wide variety of markets. A flexible approach to global equity investing offers opportunities to capture diverse sources of alpha and to find the most attractive impact across key sustainability themes, including water infrastructure and technologies, waste management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and healthcare.

Sonen provides the opportunity to invest in real assets combined with environmental and social impact with potential for attractive financial returns. We believe that real assets are a critical component of a well-balanced investment portfolio due to their diversification, risk mitigation, inflation protection and low correlation benefits.

Sonen provides access to a portfolio of global real assets strategies diversified across sectors, investment stages and geographies aimed at optimizing investment returns and meaningful impact. The strategy seeks to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon environment, promote resource use efficiency and increase the stock of land, water and timber under sustainable management. These highly-targeted impacts promote our intended outcomes related to sustainability, efficiency, renewability and restoration.

Sonen provides a solution to potentially deliver a globally diversified portfolio of investments with low correlation to public equity and bond markets, without requiring long-term private equity lockups. This strategy seeks idiosyncratic investments in inefficient niche markets that support the efficient use of scarce resources, the transition to a low carbon economy and provide small and medium enterprises access to capital.