From Burning Man to Socap

We recently returned from a week in the desert at this year’s Burning Man festival. It was a profound journey, something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Burning Man is a unique and fascinating place. The breadth and scale of it is quite extraordinary, something that can only be experienced to comprehend. We met many incredible people, experienced moving art projects, danced until the early morning, and genuinely had a really amazing time.

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US Investors Ploughing Billions into Palm Oil, Claims Report

Some of the US’ leading institutional investors, including pension funds, are potentially fuelling environmental and social harm by ploughing billions of dollars into the palm oil industry through opaque financial arrangements, a new report claims.

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Impact Investing Takes Hold on College Campuses

Danielle Reed was already an impact investor when she stepped onto the campus of the University of California-Berkeley Haas School of Business in 2013 — though her family didn’t know it.

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Why I Couldn’t Let the Sexist ‘Lady CFO’ Comment About Ruth Porat Slide

Fortune Magazine, June 12, 2016

Danielle Ginach, Impact Manager at Sonen Capital, reflects on why she couldn’t let the sexist “Lady CFO” Comment about Ruth Porat slide. In this thoughtful piece for Fortune Magazine, Danielle calls out unconscious gender bias in the workplace. She speaks up because she envisions a workplace where we are identified by our achievements alone and not our gender, race and sexual orientation.

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Alphabet shareholder calls Ruth Porat ‘lady CFO’

USA TODAY, June 8, 2016

The Internet giant has positioned itself as a leader in unconscious bias training, instructing employees to call out colleagues for sexism or racism. Yet the sexist slight went mostly unacknowledged, at least by the executives on stage. However Danielle Ginach, associate director and impact manager at Sonen Capital, spoke up and said into the mic: “I am sorry to put another shareholder on the spot. But Ms. Porat is the CFO, not the lady CFO.”

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How One Impact Firm is Mapping the SDGs

Devex Impact, April 12, 2016

Last week, impact investing firm Sonen Capital released a report showing how their investments and impact track against the goals — a move they hope will inspire other investors and firms to follow. The SDGs, the firm argues, can be good for business. The potential for profit could “induce [them] to participate more directly,” said Will Morgan, the director of impact at Sonen Capital.

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Leading Impact Investment Strategies Demonstrate Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sonen Capital has published the first of its kind report that directly links investment strategies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sonen’s globally focused public equity, fixed income and real assets portfolios aim to deliver competitive financial returns while supporting several specific SDGs including climate change, clean energy, water and sanitation, sustainable cities, sustainable timber and green real estate.

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Meet The Silicon Valley Alumni Trying To Change The Way We Invest

Forbes, November 6, 2015

In 1999, Silicon Valley power couple Charly and Lisa Kleissner graduated from the tech IPO boom with a pile of cash and the desire to do some good.The couple would eventually find their way into impact investing, a buzzy new realm of investing that seeks a double bottom line of financial as well as social and environmental returns. It didn’t happen right away, though.

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Boost for impact investors as new system unveiled for measuring social impact

Impact investors will now be able to measure the social and environmental good achieved through their investments, thanks to a new framework developed by charity consultants NPC, working with US philanthropists Charly and Lisa Kleissner.

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Put Foundation Endowments to Work for ‘Total Impact’

We believe that capital markets can and should help solve the world’s pressing environmental and social issues, while at the same time delivering market-based financial performance.

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