Water & Long-Term Value 2

Water Management Through Policy Engagement: Public Companies & Institutional Investors Connect the Drops
Levi's HQ -- 1155 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA
October 05, 2016

Meredith Benton, Head of Client Relations, will be discussing water and climate risk and the importance of shareholder engagement, including in policy.

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Private Real Estate Summit West 2016

It ain't easy being green: The Challenges and Rewards of a Sustainability/Efficiency Agenda
Hotel Nikko. San Francisco, CA.
September 27, 2016

David Hood, Senior Real Asset Strategist at Sonen Capital, will be moderating a discussion around the challenges and rewards faced by investors that seek for sustainability and efficiency in the private real estate market.

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Day of Philanthropy

Values-based Investing for Social Good
Four Seasons. San Francisco, CA.
September 22, 2016

Stuart Davidson, Chairman of Sonen Capital, will be on a panel to discuss innovative investment solutions that address social and civic challenges in the U.S. and Israel. This panel will be an opportunity to learn how impact investing can mobilize capital to compliment philanthropic goals.

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How to Implement & Measure Impact

Dorsey & Whitney LLP
September 22, 2016

Foundation Trustees and Investment Professionals are increasingly fielding questions around the alignment of investment portfolios with social and/or environmental impact. This event aims to shed light on how to think about impact in the investment decision process, and key points to consider to measuring that impact. Allodium Investment Consultants, Sonen Capital and Cogent Consulting, with community support from Sundance Family Foundation, have joined to help provide insight into how to think about these topics as a consideration for amplifying the impact of the foundation’s mission through its investment corpus.

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SOCAP 2016

Investor Approaches to Addressing Discrimination in Income and Employment
Southside Theater, San Francisco
September 15, 2016

Meredith Benton, Head of Client Relations, will be moderating a panel on the approaches available to investors and activists to address inequity and unconscious bias in the workplace. Research shows that the gender pay gap remains significant, with the typical woman receiving 21% less pay than the typical man. In the US, this gap has not changed substantially over the last 15 years. And for ethnic and racial minorities, discrimination in society and the workplace remains a significant barrier to economic success.

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SOCAP 2016

Designing Impact Measurement Frameworks that Improve Performance and More
Firehouse. San Francisco, CA
September 14, 2016

Will Morgan, Sr. Impact Analyst, will be on a panel discussing new measurement frameworks and how they are being developed and applied. This panel will describe how these frameworks can be applied to provide impact as well as improve performance. It will also unpack some of the core issues around defining the value of measurement, and the top-of-mind barriers and challenges to creating a data culture that values impact measurement and financial returns equally.

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FOX Autumn Global Investment Forum 2016

Impact Investing Moving Beyond Talk-A Practitioner's Perspective
New York City, NY.
September 15, 2016

Raúl Pomares and Stuart Davidson will highlight a framework families can follow to implement impact, discuss a case study of a family who has successfully made this transition, and share investment examples across asset classes that fit a variety of families’ investment considerations.

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IMN Alpha Hedge West

Water as an Asset Class
Ritz-Carlton. San Francisco, CA.
September 08, 2016

Water is fast becoming a major issue due to shortages, pollution and inadequate infrastructure. As water becomes a commodity without an exchange, investors are exploring the best ways to invest in what may be a matter of life and death. Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, will be discussing how to invest in water and achieve measurable and meaningful impact.

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Impact Investing: Everything You Wanted to Know and More

Impact Hub. Santa Barbara
August 17, 2016

Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, will be part of a panel that will shed light on the importance of impact investing. Each panelist brings a unique perspective to the table and will address how to discover opportunities of being on the ground in the thick of things, and the hurdles and pitfalls you may come across and how to get around them.

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2016 Private Wealth Pacific Northwest Forum

Strategies for sustainable, responsible and impact investing
Columbia Tower Club. Seattle, WA.
July 21, 2016

David Hood, Senior Real Asset Strategist at Sonen Capital, will be discussing investment opportunities across various impact themes including water, health, food and agriculture that have the potential to generate competitive financial returns alongside meaningful impact.

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