Sun Valley Forum on Resilience

Impact Investing in Water, Agriculture and Energy.
Sun Valley, ID.
July 10, 2016

Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, will be delivering a keynote presentation on impact investing and how to invest in water, agriculture and energy at the Sun Valley Forum on Resilience. Raul will also be moderating a panel which will feature three strategies focused on the water, agriculture and energy sectors.

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ICCR 2016 – Annual General Meeting

Interview Series with Religious Investors on Impact Investing
ICCR Center. New York, NY
June 29, 2016

Along with the United Church Funds, Sonen is facilitating a series of interviews with faith-based investors, detailing their approach to impact investing. One session will be held “live” at ICCR’s meeting in New York on June 29th. While these interviews are only open to ICCR members, a short report is expected to be published in the fall, detailing the ways in which faith-based investors are approaching impact investments across asset classes.

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100% Impact Portfolios with Competitive Returns
San Francisco, CA.
May 02, 2017

Raul Pomares, founder of Sonen Capital, joined Lisa and Charly Kleissner to discuss how a portfolio dedicated entirely to impact can achieve competitive returns. Raul Pomares will discuss how the KL Felicitas Foundation’s portfolio became 100% impact from strategy to implementation.

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Conscious Investor Summit

Family Office & Foundations - Aligning Values & Investments
New York, NY
March 30, 2016

Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, will join a panel to investigate how foundations and family offices are leading the transformation of capitalism through their investment strategies. This session will focus on millenials and their determination to use their energy and resources to improve society.

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Wharton Social Impact Conference

Impact Investing
San Francisco, CA
March 17, 2016

Jeff Cohen, Head of Business Development for Sonen Capital, will be part of a panel discussing current trends in the impact investing industry. The discussion will focus on the growing number of investment vehicles available to investors seeking financial returns along with social and environmental impact.

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Confluence Philanthropy – Annual Practitioners Gathering 2016

Thematic Investing: Solution-Oriented Public Equity Investments
The Charles Hotel. Cambridge, Massachusetts
March 09, 2016

Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, will be leading a session on thematic investing as a different approach to provide a scalable solution to current sustainability challenges with public equity investments. The discussion will focus on enhancement of due-diligence through the additional lens of ESG factors and the ultimate impact on society and long-term financial returns that solution oriented public equity companies can provide.

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Colorado Impact Day

Developing an Impact Investing Marketplace at a State Scale
Denver, Colorado
March 03, 2016

Will Morgan, Sr. Impact Analyst for Sonen Capital, has served as an advisor and a steering committee member to the Impact Finance Center at the University of Denver, the founding organization of Colorado Impact Day. Will Morgan will attend this first multi-track competition devoted entirely to assessing and expanding the impact investment opportunities in for-profit and nonprofit ventures at a state scale.

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The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility – Winter Conference

Next Steps - Impact Investing and ICCR
New York, NY
February 03, 2016

In coordination with the United Church Funds, Sonen Capital is facilitating an initiative at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) focused on building a framework under which religious investors might approach impact investing. Meredith Benton, Head of Client Relations, will be leading a panel of experts at ICCR’s NYC meeting in discussing key considerations across asset classes.

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International Human Rights Funders Group

Accessing and leveraging financial tools to amplify your work
San Francisco, CA. Marriott Union Square Hotel
January 21, 2016

Meredith Benton, head of client relations for Sonen Capital, will lead a session, at the International Human Rights Funders group, with Jennifer Sokolove, program director at Compton Foundation. Their discussion will focus on identifying and understanding what financial tools exist that would aid social organizations in supporting their goals.

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Corporate Governance 2015

Governance in LLCs
San Francisco, CA. Le Meridien Hotel
December 02, 2015

Bob Goldstein, CEO of Sonen Capital, will be part of a panel discussing governance in LLCs from his perspective as the CEO of Sonen Capital, a Delaware LLC. The conference will also discuss the structuring of boards of managers, actions requiring membership votes, and deciding when/if to convert to a corporation.

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