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Impact Investing for a Sustainable Future

In the last few years, the practice of impact investing has grown exponentially. Along with concepts such as social enterprise and triple bottom line, impact investment is the result of a move away from the ‘profit-only’ manner of doing business towards the incorporation of more sustainable and ethical practices while simultaneously making profit. 

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Doing Good and Doing Well

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Old-fashioned investments still eat up most of foundations’ assets. Why isn’t a bigger slice going to impact investing? There’s been lots of talk, but the vast majority of foundations are sticking with a century-old, bifurcated model of philanthropy: Money is given away on one side of the house, invested on the other, and never the twain shall meet.

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Accounting For Impact Alongside Returns

The KL Felicitas Foundation, founded by impact investing pioneers Charly and Lisa Kleissner, has opened the books on its investments to show that a strategy aimed at doing good can live up to its social and environmental objectives as well as deliver returns. The KLF Foundation’s portfolio is run by the San Francisco-based impact investment management firm Sonen Capital

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How to Find the Right Impact Investing Fund for your Organization

The best impact investing funds offer the socially-conscious investor an actionable way to create an impact with their investments, alongside financial returns. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to find the right kind of impact investing fund for certain types of individuals and organizations, based on impact goals and other factors. 

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Sonen Wins Best Report by Asset Manager

Small & Medium Firm < $25bn Category

Sonen Capital wins for Best Responsible Investor and Impact Investing Report by an Asset Manager, for medium and small firms < $25Bn.

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Sonen Shortlisted for RI Reporting Awards 2018

The shortlists for the RI Reporting Awards 2018 are published today in advance of the RI Awards Dinner where the winners and runners-up will be announced. Sonen Capital is shortlisted in the awards category for best Impact Report by a ‘Small-Medium (€25bn-) Firm.

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Nathan Cummings Foundation Commits to 100 Percent

Nathan Cummings Foundation Announces Move to 100 Percent Mission-Aligned Investing

Today the Nathan Cummings Foundation announced that they will align 100 percent of their nearly half-billion dollar endowment with their mission. Sonen Capital helped engage, educate and guide Nathan Cummings Foundation’s board towards a set of recommendations on impact investing and its strategic role within the foundation.

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Cummings Foundation Taps Impact Investing Talent

The $400 million Nathan Cummings Foundation has engaged San Francisco-based impact investment advisory firm Sonen Capital to guide the foundation’s impact investing strategies.

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Renewable energy investors urged to manage community land & security risks

Multi-million renewable energy investments could be at risk from overlooking harms to local communities. Managing these impacts is key to secure a fast and fair transition to a low-carbon economy, and safeguard financial returns, according to analysis by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Transform Finance and Sonen Capital.

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Sonen Capital Wins Best Impact Investing Firm

Sonen Capital, one of North America’s foremost impact investment management firms, was awarded Best Firm in the Responsible Investing / ESG / Impact Investing category at the 4th Family Wealth Report Awards 2017.

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