Impact Measurement Report – NPC


Investing for Impact - SonenNPC, a UK think tank and consultancy, released an impact measurement  report of the KL Felicitas Foundation, founded by Charly and Lisa Kleissner, which pioneers a new approach to investment by committing 100% of its assets to positive social and environmental impact. The work is derived from the portfolio managed by Sonen Capital.

Applying NPC’s Impact Assurance Classification for the impact measurement of KLF’s portfolio, NPC found that KLF had, as one of many investors, invested in funds and organizations which achieved social impact including:

– the creation or support of 30,000 jobs in deprived areas of the US
– support for more than 400 small social and environmental businesses in the global south
– over $400m in affordable loans in under-banked areas of the US
– 360,000 acres of land protected or conserved in North and Central America